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Originally Posted by demoman993 View Post
I really feel bad for the guy. He just wants to fight and he has every right to try and maximize his earnings while he participates in a high level sport with very little forgiveness and a short life span (career wise). If he was offered, by the UFC, a 250k signing bonus, 75k to show 75k win bonus and a PPV cut then it will likely get ugly. Bellator probably matched the first 3 points, 250k signing, 75k show, 75k win and then probably said they would match the same PPV percentage. Unfortunately the PPV percentage isn't going to be an apples to apples comparison.

I pulled some random numbers off of SB Nation to compare numbers as far as live TV goes. I don't know how it translates to PPV but will work for comparison sakes.

The live prelims for UFC 154 on Saturday night and headlined by the Patrick Cote vs. Alessio Sakara fight, did 980,000 viewers on FX. That is the normal level the prelims to pay-per-view events have been doing since the 1.8 million number pulled by the UFC 148 prelims

Bellator is averaging 166,000 viewers this season with three live events remaining on MTV 2 before the January move to Spike

So using those numbers alone we can use them to compare if the contracts are lopsided. To make it easy lets say Eddie would make 1% cut of the PPV and $55.00 per buy for both companies. Keep in mind the 250k signing bonus is already paid by both sides and that I'm using average LIVE viewers and its prelims for UFC and main card for Bellator.

UFC - 980k buys - $539000

Bellator - 166k buys - $91300

That's a difference of $447700 per fight using these numbers, multiply that by the length of the contract and the potential difference in fight bonus money too (FOTN, SUB, KO).

If this is a semi-accurate comparison I would have to say that Bellator was trying to pull a fast one on Eddie but I guess we'll see what the courts say.

Not sure if this link works but here's where I got the info.
If that's true I don't blame this for going to court. Bellator is offering the exact same deal as the UFC. I was under the impression Bellator was pulling a fast one, but they're not, they're playing by the rules. They matched the UFC's offer, but what they cannot do is be the UFC, they are bellator. It's like taking into account the potential for bigger sponsors in the UFC as opposed to Bellator.

Ya know it's up to Eddie, but honestly career wise, who knows it might be better for him to stay at Bellator. The LW division is dangerous as hell in the UFC, and it takes 2 losses to lose your name in the UFC and send you back home packing. Not saying Eddie would lose, but if his chances of winning are 90% in Bellator, and 60% in the UFC...stay in the small leagues and keep racking up a name for yourself and get a better deal, **** it.
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