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Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
Bendo needs to shut his mouth... I love him as fighter.. But he signed his own contract, no one held a gun to his head. I can't stand guys that do this stuff. It reminds me of what Kevin Love has been doing all year for the T'Wolves in the NBA....
To me, he just needs to choose a pesonality.

Is he a Christian soldier fighting in the service of his Lord an savior?

Or is he a greedy, envious sinner who disregards the teachings of God at every turn?

Be a Christian, great. But ACTUALLY be a Christian. Don't say you're a Christian ten times every time a microphone is put in front of you and then act another way when it suits you.

Or, even better, just keep your religion to yourself and then people won't have to be pissed off when you act in a way that contradicts the core beliefs of you religion.
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