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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
I have heard this argument so many times both from people from this forum and from friends in real life, many of them Diaz fans. Yet at the same time everyone that watches MMA roots for and against certain fighters. So that kind of argument isn't valid. I know for a fact that you do not like Chael Sonnen. I take no issue with that at all. But have you ever met Chael personally? I doubt it (if you have then I'll accept the crow you're going to put in my mouth). Then why do you dislike him? Because you, like me, develop an opinion based on what we're exposed to. That's what human beings who follow a spectator sport do. Troy Polamalu is one of my least favorite NFL football players. He's dirty as hell. Apparently though he's one of the nicest guys outside of the gridiron. But I don't like the way he plays football. For those of you who are hockey fans, Sean Avery is also another example. Super nice guy outside the ice. I've met him personally, he's really cool. But I hate the way he plays hockey. He's dirty and disrespectful and I don't like that kind of game.

It's the same thing with Nick Diaz. The guy flips off his opponents at weigh-ins, during contests, and starts post fight brawls and regularly disregards the rules of the sport by failing drug tests (the opinion on marijuana being irrelevant, it's still against the rules as dictated by the NSAC). That's not what mixed martial arts is about. It's about respect, honor, skill, and intelligence. To me, Diaz exempifies the antithesis of what MMA represents and THAT is why I root against him. He could be the nicest guy in the world and I still wouldn't give a damn.

I'm not trying to flame you or anything because at the end of the day I really can see where you're coming from, but this whole "you haven't met him" argument that Diaz fans use is really a poor one.
This is a sport where grown men punch eachother in the face and try and break each other's bones, not hug and caress one another. And I'm not trying to be a jerk but as a woman you probably don't understand that there is a testosterone factor to this sport. It's fun to see guys like Nick Diaz go toe to toe and basically tell his boss to screw off. It's entertainment. Diaz just doesn't give a damn and that's why people like him.

Can you imagine how boring the sport would be if every fighter was the same? I can appreciate guys like Rich Franklin and Junior dos Santos who are upstanding guys that shake hands and touch gloves, but I can also appreciate guy like Rampage and Diaz who are true fighters at heart because it adds diversity to this awesome sport. Personalities create entertainment and rivalries which breed fan interest.

No offense of course. I can definitely appreciate the way you view the sport but I'm just trying to get you to see that if MMA didn't have diversity or guys like Diaz, it wouldn't be where it is today.
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