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Well I will throw in my two cents about this.

1. He BEAT FRANKIE TWICE....say he didnt really win if you want but history goes down showing otherwise.

2. Frankie is an extremely hard person to fight, hard to catch and he doesnt stand and trade and he is super fast and moves in and out well. Now look at the list of people that he beat. BJ (when BJ was champ) and 2 wardws with Maynard) and a list of other before that. All his first fights were close and then he left no doubt on the rematches. He couldn't convince the judges and a decent amount of the MMA community that he won so thats a HUGE feather in the cap of Ben.

3. He foiught a red hot Nate Diaz who many thought would take ben out and definately didn't think Ben had a chance on the feet. Ben dominated every aspect of that fight and is the first time that Nate was ever beaten up like that, at least that I have seen.

So I am not saying that he should have been FOTY but I dont think its this big travesty that some think it is. I think that Hendricks just as easily could have won but he and Josh had a super boring fight and that may have gone against him.

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