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In no particular order:

Chael Sonnen
Jon Jones
Michael Bisping
Josh Koscheck
Benson Henderson

Chael has gotten beaten twice in a row by Silva now so I kind of had my fix for him, but the d-bag is still talking his squeeky, nasal voice right into title-fights so another beatdown/KO would be great.

Bisping has kind of grown on me too but I'm still always down to see him get Ko'd.

The other three.... I want to see them get their lights turned out so badly.

Honorable mention:

Matt Hughes. Always a delight to see him get his arrogant ass whooped.

Shaub for many different reasons, but he already got what he deserves & that Nog KO was oh so epic.

Rory Mcdonald, I don't even know why, I just ...I can't explain it. Must b the serialkiller looks.

Alex Caceres. Self explanatory

Jake Shields- I don't know, he just has an annoying face I guess

Bigfoot Silva
Nick Diaz
Rhonda Rousey

hmmm that's all I can think of right now.

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