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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
A "testosterone" factor? I watch this sport for the same reasons you do. I like seeing guys and girls punch eachother in the face and I also like watching different disciplines come together in one fluid motion. Just because I have chesticles rather than testicles doesn't mean I don't enjoy the more rugged parts of the sport, so to speak.

As for the latter part of this paragraph I'll have to disagree. You may find that sort of crap entertaining, but I don't. This isn't WWF where we have Steve Austin telling Vince McMahon to screw off, this is the UFC, an organization of professionals.

This is just a matter of personal taste then. I don't mind Rampage all that much (his recent behavior and his joyride aside) but Diaz is someone that regularly puts the sport in a bad light. I can appreciate what he brings to the cage because he has a unique style, but I don't appreciate his personality because it adds nothing positive to the sport.
Your stand's coming from a corporate standpoint, as if the organization is more important than the fighters who risk their bodies and pride in the O. A lot of fans (not just Diaz fans) will say otherwise. Plus I don't think being real and not putting on some fake PR crap damages the UFC at all. If you're cool watching two dudes bloody themselves up, I guess some trash talk and middle fingers shouldn't be so bad. Why settle for black and white when you can have it in technicolor?
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