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Originally Posted by Flyin' Kneez View Post


The guy beat Fitch and Kos in consecutive fights, arguably the #2 an #3 WWs in the world for the past 4/5 years, that alone should have got him a date with Georges, but he gets kampmann instead, and knocks him out before I finish warming up my pizza. Then you'd think he's a shoe in for a title shot, but he gets passed up for a guy who lost his last fight and is coming off a one year suspension for a failed drug test?!?!? How do you expect him to feel? How do you expect him to react? "yeah I just spent the past 12 months kicking everyone's ass, while some pot smoking douchbag has been seeing out his ban and talking shit about the champ, makes sense that I should fight a guy on a one fight win streak. Don't worry guys, Dana can treat me like shit, I'm just happy to be here"
Dude, have you read the thread title? This is a place for crude comedy, not serious debate.


#1 Ben Henderson. Twat. I pray to Jesus everyday this c*unt gets knocked the feck out.

#2 Dan Henderson. What a knob. Slow plodding toothless zombie. I cant wait see Lyoto show him what's what.

#3 Roy Nelson. Just to see if it can be done.
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