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The 1-10 era: 8/10, very good era a lot of brutal knockouts and no holds barred matches. When UFC was famous like PRIDE today. When politicians weren't on their ass and wanted it banned. UFC 9 and 7 were also not so good.

The 10-20 era: 9/10, the only PPV I disliked during this era was number 11 but everything else was the same thing as 1-10. However it started to get banned and go on to satellite. It became way less popular then the early 90 days.

The 20-30 era: 3/10, not a very good era. Bad PPVS, very boring main events. No Kimo, Vitor, Marco, Ken, Frank, Royce, Maurice, Mark, or Don in this era except from 20-22. After 22 things got way too ridicolous! Boring era.

The 30-40 era: 7/10, they bounced back but it was still quite unknown UFC. But it had their best ever heavyweight division with guys like Randleman, Couture, Rizzo, Rodriguez, Schilt, Barnett, etc. UFC 36 and 39 were one of my all time favourite PPVs. The lightweight division was great too BJ Penn and Jens Pulver. UFC 38 and 37.5 were poor though.

The 40-50 era: 9/10, UFC becomes popular again due to UFC 40s spectacular card. Every PPV in this era was just amazing besides 42. UFC 46s main event was a bit dissapointing but the card was fantastic. I miss this era. One of my most favourite eras of the UFC.

The 50-60 era: 5/10, its becoming more and more popular but more and more worse. Worse cards, UFC 50 and 55. Badly organized. Not well thought up matches. UFC 51, 52, 53, 54, 57, 58, and 59 were agreeable but PPVs like 50, 55, and 56 were poor cards and people not deserving of title shots. I disliked this era.

The 60-now era: 6/10, UFC 60 was decent, UFC 61 had a great card but dissapointing main event. Like I said, things are getting worse. UFC 60 was good, UFC 61 was decent, UFC 62 looks like the worst PPV ever. We will wait and see but I am not liking UFC in this era.
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