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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Everyone seems to underrate Diaz' grappling though. When him and BJ went to the ground, instantly you say how good he was. When was the last time Diaz got outwrestled against anyone? Also his BJJ is one of the best in the division too. He wouldn't sub Maia or Fitch, but he'd have a damn good shot at subbing everyone else. If GSP fights as open to subs as he did against Condit, Diaz has a HUGE chance of finishing the fight there.

Condit has beat more guys, but you have to consider that Diaz has two fights in the UFC. I just think that Condut has two styles. Decent striking and running away (he'll never shake that ). He's a pretty good striker, and beats most people in that aspect, but I think when you have someone with such standout skills, like Diaz, he can't handle them. Thats why I think Condit gets KOed by Hendricks, because Johnny is such a stand out striker.

Just in summary, I think Diaz' grappling and BJJ skills are very underrated because of how he fights. I don't even think it's a lack of knowledge or ability to adapt. Diaz just wants to go toe to toe and scrap with someone. If they put him on his back he wants to sub them. Hell, he even took Condit's back and Condit is a dope grappler aswell. Put him in there with someone who isn't avoiding him, and watch Diaz either demolish them on the feet or sub them on his back.

EDIT: I talk down on Condit and big up Diaz and LL gives a legitimate and thought provoking response? What madness is this?
Diaz does have a good game but he hasn't really been fighting wrestlers, he fought BJ and that was good but many would say BJ won that first round against Nick, then Nick put it on him and he gassed and he got beat up but BJ isn't a wrestler by trade, guys like Hendricks, Koscheck, Stun-Gun etc, those are the guys that I think can exploit what I believe is Nick's biggest weakness, now on paper Nick should be able to get up from Stun-Gun, Condit did and that's where most of my faith comes from in Condit doing better than Nick, I have seen Condit with my own two eyes get up from underneath a guy like Stun-Gun, I haven't seen Nick get out from underneath a guy like that, yet. Paul Daley, KJ Noons, Zaromskis, Cyborg, BJ none of those guys are the level of wrestler like Koscheck, Fitch, Hendricks, Stun-Gun, Story, Ellenberger and crew.

Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
Nick could learn a lot from Nate. Nate keeps his mouth shut and Dana feeds him guys he can beat. If the UFC gave Nick the Nate treatment you'd all be sucking his dick.
This is ridiculous, lol, the reason people are more fond of Nate than they are Nick is because Nate is more professional, although that isn't really saying much, he may hate the PR but he still does it, Nick ran out the back door to avoid showing up to one. I'm not a fan of either guy but I do enjoy watching them fight.

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