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The gym I was looking at joining was apparently having issues with the head black belt so it looks like it's not a good option to explore. I signed up with what I believe to be the best BJJ gym in the area. My only reluctance in signing up when I first tried it was a) I've been super flakey on training and still sorting my life out in a new city b) I wanted to see what else was out there first and c) I wasn't sure they offered a membership type that I was good with. Anyways, I went back to find out the membership options and am now signed up for 7 months. Did my first class today and everyone was friendly and welcoming.

Warm up stuff, technique was a basic guard break from knees and immediately setting into half guard keeping them flat on the mat, then basically working the leg up and out for a shortcut to mount. We drilled from closed guard and I had a nice back and forth with a white, and managed to pendulum sweep a purple. In rolling with the white I got an omoplata and something else that I forget. I did pretty good today but am definitely very rusty. When I did a trial class here I got absolutely smashed and I expect that's going to be the theme of things for awhile. Good to be back!
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