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I honestly think the Pitbull is going to be cautious, I think Werdum is going to be cautious, I honestly think that this will not be very aggressive but very tactical. Your going to see a lot of ranged strikes by the pitbull and Werdum is going to try to get out of range and use positioning to take the pitbull down but I dont know. I havent seen much of Werdum and I have never been much of a fan of the pitbull since he got that victory over the one guy while they were both sitting down and the ref warned AA of the strikes to the back of the neck and then he just wined up and took the guy out when he wasnt set again... But I digress, I honestly see this as boring matchup... Arlovski is coming off of two losses to the same guy who had just recently gotten his arse beat (Sylvia vs. Couture)

I agree though this is hard to really bet on. Another part of me says (from all of the interviews) that The Pitbull is going to be the Pitbull and just come out swinging trying to close Werdums range... I dont know, it depends on if his confidence is back...

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