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Muay thai is very good for MMA, get used to throwing knees in the clinch push your opponent down so that he will wanna push up then shake em as they lift up with a double leg take down straight into mount or side.

Careful though dont start throwing round house kicks and spinning with the kick in mid motion, this is so so so so so so so so wrong. In thai boxing they dont have to worry about being taken down but MMA you will be a victim everytime if you do this.

Practice sweeps as well, mainly a karate move but works wonders for throwing your opponent of target and getting the blind side.

The blind side is like full mount, always position yourself to attack here, so side stepping is a must.

And just like the ground, the standup is still very much like a chessgame just at a faster pace, so stamina is key, try to understand when your recovery period is, so important.

Thats pretty much a little intro Im still learning alot myself so dont take everything I say as gospel.

Good luck with the training mate sure you will be great
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