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This should be the nail in the coffin for Palhares. Now that he's actually exposed with "evidence" as a roided up Gorilla and has a history of holding onto submissions after the referee tries to stop the fight with the sole purpose of causing unecessary damage to his opponents.

brb but Palhares has a low IQ, he doesn't really know what he's doing
brb it's not his fault

This guy is a disgrace to the sport and is a scum bag and knows exactly what he's doing. Get him out.

Just when I didn't think it was possible to dislike Palhares more...
Are you implying that you didn't already believe Palhres was roided out of his skull because his "tests" have come back clean prior to this? The athletic commission is a joke and is heavily flawed. The sooner you wake up to this fact the better. Fighters' drug test results coming back clean doesn't really mean any thing, it doesn't prove they aren't roiding like crazy, the system simply isn't any where near as reliable and as stable as it needs to be.

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