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Day 25
Tonight was a laid back night, jeff was talking about having thursday nights as an open gym setting.

I went in and worked on my circuit warmup, and started at 14 tonight for 50 pull ups & dips along with 125 hanging knees.

After this I worked on a bag throwing thai roundhouse with my right leg. I went for 300 strikes tonight....and my shin is beet red and sore as hell!

After going through the thai section jeff had us do 5 rounds of 4-minutes each with 30-second breaks.

Going through this was brutal due to my whole upperbody throbbing from the circuit warmups, I was in fatigue all day and struggled through it tonight.

I was having a hell of a time just keeping my guard up during the stamina drill.

After going for the 20-minutes on the bags, Ben and I sparred 2 rounds.

we went for 4-minute rounds.

the 1st round I was more tense, and blind due to tunnel vision.

the 2nd was vastly better, I remember pawing with a straight right and he'd cover up and retreat...I noticed when he did this his right hand dropped a little. So when he came back in the next time I threw with intent on the right and cracked him with a left hook.

I fooled him a few times with this.

My feet were decent in the 1st, but vastly better in the 2nd.

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