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Originally Posted by TheJame
I was yelling at the TV as well, wondering why the hell Nate Diaz couldn't finish him on the ground. He HAD that armbar, and he just transitioned out of it. He could've ended it right there. What the hell was with all the hype behind Emerson? He had good takedown defense, but other than that, it was completely one-sided.
That arm bar wasn't tight enough so he HAD to transition to a choke. If you watch closely, you can see that Emerson's thumb is not pointing up so the arm wasn't comletelty locked. That's why Emerson was able to roll for the scramble. He got lucky. That armbar looked like he sunk it in deep until Emerson squirmed out of it.

Not the most impressive fight but Diaz was stlking him for both rounds. Emerson barely mounted a real offense. He was lucky in Round 1 that Diaz's stand up wasn't very good in the beginning. That's the only way he could have won round 1.

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