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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I'm fresh off a battle rap site where multis are the overseer, so his ability to string together syllables isn't that impressive to me. The only good track from him is the last Ill State, which to be fair was completley insane for lyricism.

Hopsin uses non-conforming as a gimmick though. He signed to Ruthless Records, which unless you got a time machine and went back to 1988 was a ridiculous idea. He got burned by a lable and acts like he's now reborn as an underground rapper. The only reason Hop is underground is because the likes of Shady Records and Def Jam haven't came knocking. He's a decent lyricist and all but I think he tries to hard and is exactly what he claims he hates. He's just trying to make it, sure that's respectable, but when he picks on other people trying to make it and acts like he's so high and mighty above them, I don't know, gets to me. Even in the last Ill State he seemed as if he was so great and telling everyone what to do. I'm pretty sure a highly successful businessman could also say to him "You're wasting your time being an internet rapper" the exact same way he's telling a gangster that he's wasting his time doing as such.

Someone get Budhist to post in here so I can rep him for rocking the Wax shit. When I posted that Wax freestyle on the last page I didnt think anyone would have a clue who it was.
Ill mind I think you mean. I understand he might seem a bit preachy to you. He doesn't mean to be. He just wants to help people. He's now signed with Funk Volume with his friends. He has had other offers but he wants to stay as real as possible. If you see this as a gimmick then fair enough. I don't see it that way. I'm not sure your statement about the businessman holds true. Hopsin is rapping about stuff that matters and trying to better himself and the people around him. Gangsters sell drugs to kids. Theres a difference there.

He's exactly what he claims he hates? Please elaborate. He hates conformist Illuminati puppets who don't write their own shit, don't make their own music and don't make their own music videos. These people care about money and fame while he just wants to be a succesful rapper without being told what to do, wear and how to act my some suit at a record label. He his nothing at all like the people he hates. What the hell kind of similarities are there between Hopsin and Niki Minaj? Or Hopsin and Drake whoever the hell that is?

Good to see another big Hip-hop fan on here though for a bit of tasty debate.

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