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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Ill mind I think you mean. I understand he might seem a bit preachy to you. He doesn't mean to be. He just wants to help people. He's now signed with Funk Volume with his friends. He has had other offers but he wants to stay as real as possible. If you see this as a gimmick then fair enough. I don't see it that way. I'm not sure your statement about the businessman holds true. Hopsin is rapping about stuff that matters and trying to better himself and the people around him. Gangsters sell drugs to kids. Theres a difference there.

He's exactly what he claims he hates? Please elaborate. He hates conformist Illuminati puppets who don't write their own shit, don't make their own music and don't make their own music videos. These people care about money and fame while he just wants to be a succesful rapper without being told what to do, wear and how to act my some suit at a record label. He his nothing at all like the people he hates. What the hell kind of similarities are there between Hopsin and Niki Minaj? Or Hopsin and Drake whoever the hell that is?

Good to see another big Hip-hop fan on here though for a bit of tasty debate.
Shit I was sure it was called Ill State of Mind :S.

He didn't REALLY have other offers. If someone with actual credibility like Def Jam or Aftermath send him an email he'd be wiping himself off before signing on the dotted line. To say gangsters sell drugs to kids is quite generalising. Is the dude he's preaching to in the video even a drug dealer?

Also, the Illuminati isn't real. I don't care if Dave Chappele (a very credible member of society) disagrees with that. And what's wrong with not making your own music or videos? Producing is a VERY specific skill, and in a lot of cases it comes down to having the "ear" to make a proper song. Just because Hopsin has a talent in that respect he can look down on others for not? Is Tom Hardy a fake and a fraud because he doesn't direct his own movies?

Also, Hopsin signed to Ruthless and had they not been a bullshit lable nowadays, he'd have been doing the exact same as everyone else. He's like CM Punk in wrestling. He claims he doesn't do what his bosses tell him, but that's only because he was gifted the oppertunity to speak. There are billions of guys like Hopsin who don't get the oppertunity to be heard like he does. He can't look down on them if they try to achieve their dreams and sign to a record lable. It's what they've always wanted and because it's something he doesnt, he thinks it's selling out. Drake always wanted to be a big name. He wanted to be a big actor, now he wants to be a big recording artist. He achieved that goal and now he is. Can Hopsin really look down on him for that? Hopsin has talents, and believes that others who don't have those talents are inferior to him. Did he think rappers who don't write their own stuff were a joke when he signed to Eazy E's record lable? (For the record, Eazy is my #3 all time regardless of ghostwriters).

He just got the oppertunity to be heard with a decent internet fan base. There are people who would look down on someone whoring themselves on youtube to get likes, and there will be people looking down on someone handing their CDs out on the street to get recognition. If someone wants to be a famous mainstream rapper, and they are successful in it, why do they need to be the most complex and talented lyricist?

And yeah, I got banned on my rap website of 6 years so good to get my old triple OG gangster talk out somewhere

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