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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
They got a new admin and I disagreed with him single handedly judging a battle tournament so he banned me and deleted my acc. Sound eh?

Listening back to Ill Mind 5 (the only song of his I like), it's the ending that gets to me. It's an INSANELY dope song. I posted it here when I first joined after someone said rappers were stupid and someone repped me. Got a feeling it was Budhist. The issue is the "I'm on this planet for you, not just to benifit me" and "If you're blind I can guide you". He's saying HE'S a role model, instead of just spreading positive message. Telling people they should follow your example is arrogance, and that's a trait in itself you wouldn't want to follow. Just brushes me the wrong way when he's doing shit like that.

And yeah he's more talented than the people on the charts, but apparently people just prefer the other shit. I hate chart music but I'm not one of the people to act like they should cater to me because this music gets big BECAUSE people like it.

I have done A LOT of research into that shit. Really interesting to me.

I actually haden't heard of those dudes before. Although, still don't like them now . Sounds a bit too new schoolish to me.

Del The Funky Homosapien should be bigger. Dudes still releasing albums and he's one of the few guys releasing shit that still sounds like it's from the 90s.

I see. So you're an old school dude. I can get down with that. Sorry I mean 'wid dat'.

How about this? One of my favourites.

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