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lol im sorry but how can anyone give palhares the "benefit of the doubt"? look at him...he truly is a mini think thats all just hard work?

its the same as god, its the most obvious thing that he was using PEDs but ppl love to pretend that these guys are clean since they past their meaningless drug tests, the only way to get caught on these tests is to prey that these fighters have down syndrome and cant calculate when they have to start their cycle

but you know what? i dont hate palhares for this, i truly think ppl pretend they give these guys the benefit of the doubt but they know they are abusing, they just dont want to support a roider so until the guy gets popped they turn a blind eye

i like palhares and i always thought he was roided up, i think 90% of fighters are...if i limit who i like by them being clean my list of fav fighters is gonna be very, very small

many great guys, great fighters are abusing this i support it? no of course not, i want clean fighters...but hey im not going to pretend this isnt the norm in MMA...actually in all major sports, i dont judge them as a person for this, they were weak and caved in, making mistakes is part of being human

and it really doesnt matter...these cheats will lose once they fight someone with more skills, roids never beat skill and never roid all you want but you better sharpen up that technique
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