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Originally Posted by gazh View Post
Are you serious? You can here USA chants nearly everytime Bisping fights in America, basically making a point that Bisping is British.. you can hear USA chants during Daley and Dan Hardy fights in the US aswell.

There a load of foreign fighters who don't get that treatment when fighting American in the US.

Face it, the British are your perfect bad guys, i have.
Don't get drunk live fan confused with the majority of fans. The USA chants are dumb, I'm with you there. But Dan Hardy also gets cheers wherever he is as well despite the drunks chanting USA later on.

You are 100% wrong in assuming that British= Bad guys. Only the British douche bags are the bad guys. Just like the American douchebags. Have you ever heard anyone say anything bad about Andre Winner, Paul Sass, Ross Pierson or so many of the other British guys that seem like good guys? I haven't. People hate Daley and Bisping for the same reason they hate Sonnen, Koshcheck, Rashad and all the other douche bags.

Also to throw out race like that? You're whole post is just ignorance and assumptions. I'm doing my best to restrain myself from typing what I really want to type here.
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