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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
No one outside the US really cares that much about the NFL. Sure there's a few fans here or there, as there's bound to.

I'd be extremely surprised of the UFC wasn't globally more popular than the NFL.

Added a '(globally)' to the title before people jump in here, don't read the article and rant
NFL is huge in Canada. It's our dirty little secret because we have our own football league but it just doesn't compare.

I don't even watch football, but I know all the players and everything that's going on in the NFL at all times because I like to follow it just because it's such a huge cultural thing here. I listen to Mike and Mike every night at work.

It's funny because you couldn't pay me to actually watch football unless it was the Super Bowl or a playoff game with a couple of the big name quarterbacks going at it.
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