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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
NFL is huge in Canada. It's our dirty little secret because we have our own football league but it just doesn't compare.

I don't even watch football, but I know all the players and everything that's going on in the NFL at all times because I like to follow it just because it's such a huge cultural thing here. I listen to Mike and Mike every night at work.

It's funny because you couldn't pay me to actually watch football unless it was the Super Bowl or a playoff game with a couple of the big name quarterbacks going at it.
Even with it being huge in Canada thats still only what 40 million more people (and obvisouly they don't all watch)? I know the NFL is absurdly huge in the US and assumed it was in Canada but is it big any where else? Maybe Mexico, thats geographically close. Japan maybe? I think I remember hearing that they like Baseball and American Football but I don't recall hearing that they watch the American games they have their own leagues.

I would be interested in knowing how big the MLS is or more so if it is bigger than the UFC. I'm guessing no since its not even big in its larger home country but don't know about Canada.

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