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2 sessions

Day 26

We are running a 4pm session at the gym now due to the amount of boxers in the gym.

I got there at 4:15 and got my circuit blasted out, tonight I pulled off a 18-16-14-12-10 cycle. I am happy with the progress at 1st I did 30 pullups/30 dips and 125 knee raises.

In the 3 days I've done this, I have done 30-40-70. 140 of each and 375 raises.

I got in 100 pushups due to the fact I was counting it off today and 3x50 and 1x100 crunches.

We did 5 rounds at 4-minutes of PT.

some sort of mitt-work.

and then we worked on our feet in the ring for the last portion of activity before doing pushup ladders.

I set a PR of 16 tonight.

After doing the ladder I kept loose working on another 300 right thai roundhouse.

Dan our strength & conditioning coach was in tonight.

We got an hour of his regimen. I was damn close to muscle failure during this hour.

After doing this we were broken into 2 groups 5 on the bags, and the rest in the ring with the coaches working on mitts.

I had 5 four minute rounds on the bags, I threw for technique only during these rounds. I couldn't muster much more.

and then another 5 rounds in the ring on mitts.

I found a new wind when jeff asked if anyone would spar.

I asked one of our assistant coaches to spar. Keny was a boxer at one point.

I eased into the 4-minute round by circling and pawing.

After the initial minute or less, I started to attack his body with straight lefts. I landed a few then tried to land a combo I worked on last night with some degree of effectiveness in scoring clean shots.

I was throwing a feint right cross, then a heavy right cross, followed up by a left hook. the feint dropped the left hand a little, then while I was in close I cracked a hook in.

I threw 2-3 of these feint combos on keny to no sucess, so I threw that out tonight.

After this he swapped to a un-orthadox stance. I tore him open with right hooks to the body when he did this.

I don't know how I figured it out, but I weaved down to the right and came up twisting a right hook into the stomach.

I got a bit of recognition with him holding a glove up for respect.

Since I scored a heavy clean shot, I went to the body 5 more times and landed clean each time.

After this he went orthodox and strung a few flurries together and then it was done.

I have to say it was awesome to get the game down tonight! I really was reacting like I should be as a boxer.

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