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HAHAHA...I love how you spell weight, that's classic.

Anyways the easiest way to lose weight fast is by losing water. But you'll go right back up once you consume normal food. If you wanna lose fat're gonna have to lose fat & muscle. There is no fast process of losing just fat.

I say the best option is just cutting out processed carbs. If the food went through factories and a process (ex. chips, bread) then don't eat it. Eat vegetables and fruits for your fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Tip: eating veggies & fruits with lots of fiber will make you feel full faster and longer, so you won't over eat. Broccoli & apples are great choices.

Also eat some protein with every meal. It takes calories to burn calories, and burning protein takes more calories than burning carbohydrates. Chicken, fish, and lean beef.

Make sure all your meals are SMALL! Thats the key. Eat 5-7 small meals so you'll never go hungry. If you have a big meal...your metabolism revs up in the beginning, but too much food slows your metabolism down so the excess calories get stored as fat. That's why small meals are good, the small quantities of food will increase your metabolism and you won't eat too much to build more fat.

Lift weights and build muscle because lean muscle burns fat. And cardio! Run, bike, swim...cardio is going to help you melt that fat fast.

When you long-distance running and sprints. You need to do both. Run at a good pace for two minutes, then run fast for one minute. That's one interval. I always do ten intervals. Give it a try.


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