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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Retarded enough? Find a MW fighter who doesn't want to fight Silva, or a WW boxer who doesnt want to fight Mayweather. To be the best you have th beat the best.

But thats not the question anyways. Would you accept him as a worthy challenger to Anderson (again, lets keep all title talk out of it) if he beat GSP?
If he beat GSP and defended against Hendricks then yes it could be possible to market him against Silva but I just don't see it happening. The key argument against this is because he would not be a challenge to Silva. Silva is getting old yes but Diaz is not an exceptional fast nor does he threaten with takedowns.

We all know what happens to fighters foolish enough to stand and bang with Silva, and worst case scenario we get a silva vs maia II where he just lays on his butt every chance he gets and pleads for silva to come to the ground.

Knowing Nick's awesome IQ however, he would go in full retard ala Leben to prob get destroyed like Forrest and made to look like an utter fool. So stylistically it makes no sense. People who might argue he'll do it for a fat payday are only fooling themselves. If Diaz wins and defends the title he'll be raking in Champ level money, why would he want to get seriously ****ed up on a fight he can't and won't win?

Even if Diaz was crazy enough to just do it, Ceasar would have enough common sense to talk him out of it. Lastly since you keep persisting on this topic, could you outline WHY you think Diaz could pose a problem for Silva? It feels like you're thinking Diaz would molest Silva and I'd love to hear the logic behind your thinking.
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