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Round 1 - Mark Carter is our ref for tonight's first fight, and we're under way for the final Strikeforce event in history. Payan with an early kick, and Bravo answers with a couple to the legs. Payan tries to catch a Bravo kick, but Bravo answers with a body shot. It's all traded kickboxing for the first minute, feeling each other out. Bravo tries to work a few jabs in, then ducks nicely under a Payan right hand. Payan nearly lands with a right over the top, then comes back with an outside leg kick. He dances around as Bravo tries to put a combination together. A Payan leg kick nearly takes Bravo's legs out from under him, but he stays upright. He catches a Bravo kick, but can't do anything with it. Around the two minute mark, each fighter lands a pair of nice punches, and Payan smiles at the exchange – and then nearly lands the type of head kick that ends many fights. Bravo circles backward, perhaps trying to work off some of the leg kicks he's eaten so far. Then he puts together a nice three-punch combo. But again, Payan just smiles at it – and then lands a few big punches of his own. He drops his hands and stands right in front of Bravo as the seconds tick down. gives the first round to Payan, the more active fighter in the striking game.

Round 2 - More kicking work for Payan early to open the second round. Bravo tries to go high with a kick. It misses, but he lands nicely to Payan's ribs, then his outside leg. Payan lands a pair of nice jabs, then returns to trying to punish Bravo's legs, inside and out. Bravo eats a couple kicks in order to deliver a couple good strikes, and Payan appears to be hurt. He's backing up and wincing, and Bravo moves in to take advantage. Payan briefly goes to a knee after a punch on the fence, but he's quickly back up. Bravo stays patient and won't go for the kill. But then as they separate, Payan lands a massive punch that reverberates in the arena. Bravo hits the canvas and Payan pounces and looks for the finish. He lands a few good shots as Carter looks on. But Bravo survives and eventually the fight moves back to the feet by Payan's choice. But Bravo isn't right yet, and Payan lands again, and again Bravo is on the canvas. He gets back to his feet, but Payan keeps punishing him. And as Bravo looks all out of sorts and keeps eating punches, Carter has seen enough. Bravo, while still standing, is ruled done. Estevan Payan def. Michael Bravo via TKO (strikes) - Round 2, 4:01

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