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Round 1 - Kevin Nix is the third man in the cage for this lightweight bout. They touch gloves and we're rolling. Gurgel circles quickly to the outside, and teeps in response to a Martins left hand. Gurgel with a body kick, but Martins gets inside and lands, then lands again. He drops Gurgel and he's really laying into him with the fists as Gurgel covers up. Nix takes a close look and he'll let Gurgel recover. Martins stays on his feet and is looking for a way to kick Gurgel's legs and keep him on the ground, but Gurgel lands a beautiful wheeling upkick, and that allows him to get back to his feet. Two minutes in, though, this is all Martins. Gurgel's corner is calling for him to get started, but he continues to circle away and back up from Martins, who then lands a right hand and drops Gurgel again. Martins lands a body kick and then a flurry witih Gurgel up on the wall. Finally a nice body kick lands for Gurgel, but Martins just pushes his way inside and shrugs it off to land again. Gurgel tries a Superman punch to no real avail, then an outside leg kick. Then another. But it's still Martins just stalking almost at will with Gurgel covering up from his punches. Martins again lands with 10 seconds left, and it's a pretty clear 10-9 round for him.

Round 2 - Gurgel works an inside leg kick early. But he's still circling outside as Martins stalks. Martins lands, and Gurgel defensively kicks to try to find some offense. They trade leg kicks in the center. Gurgel goes high with a kick, tehn low to the legs, then to the body. Then again inside to the legs. But Martins keeps coming and lands a combo against the fence. Then another that backs Gurgel up some more. They kick at the same time and Gurgel complains of a low one, but Nix tells them to fight on. With 90 seconds left, Martins again lands a nice combo as Gurgel's corner implores him to do something offensively. Martins moves inside again and lands at will, and Gurgel tries to slug it out with him. Martins kicks Gurgel's legs out with 10 seconds left and dives in, but there's not much offense there for him as the horn sounds. gives another 10-9 round to Martins.

Round 3 - Smacking body kick from Gurgel gets some of his fans in the crowd energized. It's clearly his best offense of the fight, and he'll probably need a finish here to win this one. A minute in, though, his corner is still pleading with him that he's "gotta go." Martins kicks his legs out and Gurgel hits the ground. After 20 seconds of Martins kicking at his legs and Gurgel wondering how he's going to get up, Nix separates them and lets Gurgel back to his feet. Martins nods and smiles at him after Gurgel tries to land a few inside. With three minutes left, Gurgel isn't yet looking like he's in desperation mode, and Martins makes him pay by continuing to come forward to land punches. He lands a four-punch combo, then backs Gurgel up with a couple rights and a front kick. Gurgel has been plenty bloodied up the entire round, and Martins again looks to take him off his feet with kicks. With 90 seconds left, Gurgel appears to want nothing to do with walking Martins down and he continues to backpedal and circle away. Martins again makes him pay when he gets inside and lands a flurry of kicks, punches and knees. With 15 seconds left, Martins gets inside and lands some big bombs looking for the finish despite cruising in the fight. Gurgel tries to answer, but it'll go to the judges. has the third 10-9 for Martins and fight for him 30-27. Adriano Martins def. Jorge Gurgel via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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