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I was a big Ben Rothwell fan when he was in the IFL and when he matched up with Nelson I sided with Rothwell. Since that fight I've grown to respect the hell out of Nelson. He's really grown as a fighter over the last few years and I love the way he stands up to Dana while other fighters act like Dana is their favorite uncle or something.

Mike Pyle is another guy who earned my respect over time. I used to think he was a total dickhead but he's really come into his own in the last couple of years. A very skilled fighter. He reminds me of a white Diaz bro with his attitude in the cage.

I hated Chuck Liddel during his reign because I was a huge PRIDE/Wand fan, and it wasn't until Liddel lost all those fights that I revisited his earlier fights and recognized he is without a doubt the greatest LHW fighter of all time. Just a beast. And he went out on his shield.

There are no fighters I ever liked that I now dislike. I definitely have a love/hate thing with Dana because sometimes he makes me laugh, I see a lot of my (younger) self in him, but then he turns around and says or does things that just make me cringe.

I really pick favorites based on fighting style over personality.

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