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I personally would love to see Silva/Diaz. Diaz would literally be murdered. I would love to watch him catch a kick to the face while he's taunting Silva because he can't catch him in the first 90 seconds of the fight.

Back on point, if Diaz lucks his way into GSP injuring himself somehow in their fight, it still makes no sense to feed him to Silva. For starters, Diaz isn't a household name to anybody but hardcore fans and potheads. He has absolutely no positive legacy to his name. Jumping Mayhem, being suspended a couple times for being a stoner retard, coming across as down syndromey anytime he has a camera in front of him is not a legacy to be proud of. He doesn't have the name to be a part of any kind of superfight and he never will. And..., I think every single person that isn't a pothead retard, Diaz's entire fanbase, knows that there is absolutely no ******* way Diaz has a hint of a joke of a chance against Silva. Dana isn't stupid, he knows that if he makes that fight, he'll lose his biggest cash cow for the stoner retard demographic.
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