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Round 1 - "Big" John McCarthy is in the cage as Cormier gets a huge ovation from the Oklahoma faithful. He went to school just down the road at Oklahoma State. They touch gloves after Big John's instructions and we'll get under way. Alistair Overeem is in Staring's corner. We'll see if that makes a differnece for the huge underdog. Staring wants the right hand early. Cormier kicks up high and it's blocked. Staring moves in and ties things up, but that's Cormier's wheelhouse and he easily shrugs it off. Again, Staring moves inside. But Cormier makes easy work of that situation and lands a big throw takedown. He's on top in side control and he starts to go to work with elbows as he tries to pass to mount. Staring scrambles well, but gives his back. He gets halfway up, but Cormier lands a few punches. Finally, Cormier lets him off the hook. High kick from Cormeir misses, but then he lands some heavy fists. Then a knee. Staring tries to answer back, but he's backpedaling and Cormier easily gets another takedown. Back in side control, he'll try to control Staring's hands and go to work with ground-and-pound. He lands a few short elbows, then a left hand. Again, Staring gives his back but is able to get back to his feet. He loses his mouthpiece, and McCarthy quickly grabs it and lets him put it back in. On the restart, they quickly tie up – again, right into Cormier's area of expertise. He gets a rather academic trip takedown near the fence and this time he's in full mount. He starts working the punches and elbows. With a minute left, the only question is if he'll do enough to end it in the first. He won't be able to. But it's an utterly dominant first for Cormier, and will score it for him 10-8.

Round 2 - Staring with a kick to the midsection early, but Cormier will go right back to work on the takedown. Double underhooks now, but Staring defends for the moment and they break. Big right hand from Cormier, but not on the button enough to drop Staring. But shortly thereafter, Cormier is right back on the ground in side control after another takedown. He moves around and takes Staring's back. After Staring scrambles, Cormier gets to half guard and rains some punches down until Staring rolls over again, then he hits him some more. Hammer fists coming down now. McCarthy taking a close look as Cormier gets to full mount. With two minutes left, Staring is pretty helpless to get out of there. Back mount, and more big bombs from Cormier. Then he stands up and bombs away some more. Finally, McCarthy has seen enough. He gives Staring the merciful stop. Dominant performance from Cormier, as was expected. Daniel Cormier def. Dion Staring via TKO (strikes) - Round 2, 4:02

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