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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
He also beat 2 more former UFC champions in Strikeforce

With 2x wins over Nog, 2x wins over Coleman, a win over Randleman, a win over Sylvia, a win over Arlovski, a win over Rizzo and a win over Lindland, he had NINE wins over UFC Champions which is completely unheard of and will never be replicated.

So shut your mouth and pay some respect to the best of all time.

Even Anderson has only SIX wins over UFC champs, as many total losses as Fedor (including a few embarrassing losses to nobodies), and one LESS total wins.

So yeah, STFU
These wins you're referring to happened in Affliction, not Strikeforce.

...and this really didn't warrant freaking out...relax, things will be okay.
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