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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Going back to university tomorrow, then it's back to the grind.
Nice! Turbo Coops start Thursday. $27 for a $750k prize pool. Starting to play PLO now. Played in my second ever live tourney, didn't do so well...haha. Although I learned a lot. One can only call with second or third nuts cuz for some reason SOMEONE USUALLY HAS THE GOODS. It's amazing the outs two extra cards give you. Then someone came up with an idea to have 3-2-1. Three community cards on the flop, two turns, and one river. Interesting...

Have a friend in the PCAs and another making a run in the live game pro poker circuit. Inspired, but not deluded to know how extremely difficult this game is to win on a consistent basis. Finally posted a win in a 1-2 game after my hands held. Doesn't matter what kind of hole cards one gets. It has to hold. Thankfully my KK's held against an all in and another big stack who pushed me all in with his draw.

Previous hand, guy raises to $15, another calls and I get my drink and discover Alaskan Airlines. Rather than slow play I decide to 4x it. Fold, fold, scoop up the pot!

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