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***IMPORTANT*** Guidelines for posting

Here are some simple guidelines for posting on our wonderful board. Please read them and try to adhere to them.

Don’t bump old threads
This one is very simple – Don’t bump threads more than a week or two old. Only exception is if you have new information regarding the subject matter of the thread in question. If you’re in doubt, PM a Mod or an Admin to make sure it is OK.

Double posts should be avoided, use the edit-button below your post if you have something to add. Make sure your posts contribute to the thread in question, quoting people and saying “This” is not contributing. Replying simply with a .gif or a picture doesn’t contribute much either. Simply, try to make substantial posts.

No duplicate or similar threads
Threads about the same article or piece of news will either be closed or merged. This also applies to threads being made about other threads. For example, if there is a thread regarding Chris Leben getting suspended, don’t make another thread stating “He should be fired.”

No insulting / baiting
Do not insult people for having an opinion of their own or disagreeing with yours. If you get insulted, do not retaliate as you will both end up getting infracted / banned. Inciting or baiting other members will also result in an infraction.

Put threads in the correct sections
If you’re posting a news article on a Bellator event, it goes without saying that it belongs in the Bellator section. Get familiar with the different sections of the board before making your first thread, so you will know where to post it. Threads in the wrong section will either be deleted, closed or moved.

Always provide a source
When you’re posting a news article or something similar, always provide your source. Either post the name of the website, or even better – a direct link to the article / information in question. This is necessary both to add credibility to the post, but also to give the author / publisher credit for his or her work. Articles without a proper source will be asked to provide one or be closed / deleted.

Do not ask for an illegal stream for shows
This cannot be stressed enough. Links to illegal streams will not be shared on this board and doing so will result in an immediate infraction.

Do not make threads for specific shows / fights
The staff will make the official fight threads.

Should you have ANY questions regarding forum guidelines, please PM any member of the staff and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

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