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Why are people asking me if I think Diaz could win? I'm only asking if you think Diaz would be worthy of a title shot if he was the Welterweight Champion after beating one of the greatest of all time in GSP.

Also, I'd say Welterweight Championship Vs Middleweight Championship is a super fight.
You still haven't answered why you think that would be a good fight instead of a legalized homicide. At least with GSP even with the size difference he'd threaten Silva with his wrestling which apparently is the only small chink in his armor.

WTF will Nick do to Silva? Take him down? Please... Outstrike Silva? LOL. He doesn't even have the 1 punch knock out to even win it by a fluke. His boxing is also EXTREMELY OVERRATED, it's effective because of his range and cardio.

He will not have the range advantage, his defensive boxing is TERRIBLE so Silva will pepper him with strikes while clowning around, in fact he'll get embarrassed even more than Forrest did because at least Forrest had size and random strike could have put Silva in trouble.

So why should there be a super fight where Nick will get absolutely destroyed? Seriously, instead of dodging the question answer why you feel that would be a good fight. Your logic regarding champ vs champ makes no sense. So what? All champs should fight each other in a catch weight? UFC makes fight based on what they feel will be exciting, Nick vs Silva will be anything but that.
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