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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
he certainly didn't by my memory, first 4 completely stuffed and cain was looking pathetic
Come on. Really, your'e going to call the winner of the fight and heavyweight champion 'pathetic' for perfectly implementing a successful gameplan?

Cain was only looking like he was lost superficially, but it was an ingenious strategy. He knows no one can hang with his cardio and he can win by attrition and pace.

Secondly, having a dynamic and fast paced offence kept Junior guessing between takedowns and strikes. If Cain looked 'pathetic' by keeping JDS on his toes, what did JDS look like for having to constantly defend TDs and mounting no offence of his own?

Back on topic. I like Overeem. I like that he is a monster looking heavyweight with elite level muay thai striking. I hope he can eventually take the title, but I will only cheer him on half-assedly and with a little dismay because its pretty clear that he's an abuser.
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