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Originally Posted by crashcrew
Don't listen to anybody who gave advice on this thread except howweplay_77. Everyone else is ignorant.


Here is a good workout regime/diet:

The 5X5:


Olympic Squats 5x5 (same weight)
Benching 5x5 (flat, close grip or regular)(same weight)
JS Rows 5x5 (same weight)
Accessory (low volume triceps and abs)


Olympic Squats 5x5 (reduced 15-20% from Monday) or Front Squats 5x5
Standing Military Press 5x5 (same weight)
Deadlifts 5x5 (same weight) (if you pull 2.5x bodyweight do 3x5)
Pull ups 5x5 (use weight if you need it)
Accessory (biceps and abs)


Olympic Squats 5x5 (working up each set)
Benching 5x5 (flat or incline)(same weight)
Rows 5x5 (same weight)
Accessory (low volume triceps and abs)

The idea is simple: pick a weight you can do for 5 sets of 5, and if you complete all the sets and reps, then next time bump the weight up 5 or 10 pounds.

Before beginning the program it is important to establish 1 rep maxes for the squat, bench press, military press, and deadlift, and 5 rep maxes for the squat, bench press, rows, military press, and deadlifts.

The first week, it is important to begin very conservatively and prepare to set new 5 rep maxes on about the 4th-6th week, rather than the 1st or 2nd week. It will take some time for your body to grow accustomed to training this way, and in the beginning you’re gonna be sore as hell.

If you get all the sets and reps, then you increase the weight (5-10lbs) for the next week, and if not, you keep the weight the same.

Try and set new 5 rep maxes on weeks 4-6 for beginners , and weeks 3-4 for veterans and then move to a 3x3 for 2x per week.

Run the 3x3 for 2-3 weeks, drop the squatting frequency to 2x per week (or even every 4-5 days if you need the additional recovery), and try setting records on the 4th or 5th workout. (Also, weight increase are the important thing here).

Then cycle down to 1 set of 3 for 2 or 3 workouts, and maybe even go for a max single at the end.

So basically what you get is a 4-6 week prep phase, followed by a 3-5 week peaking phase.

One point – during the initial phase where 5x5 is being used you MUST stick to the required volume and frequency. Back off the weight if you have to, but always get in all 5sets of 5.

(If you have never done squats or dead lifts...start out VERY LIGHT!!!! Perfect your form...then move up in weight accordingly)

Do cardio 2-3 times a week, making sure that you get TWO FULL DAYS OF REST!! NO WORKING OUT ON THOSE DAYS!! Also, make sure you get 8hrs of sleep a night. 2500 calories a day...1gram of protien per pound of body if you weigh 195lbs..try and eat 195grams of protein or a little more. Now, your 2500 calorie diet should consist of: fish, chicken, LEAN red meat, veggies, fruits, pasta, whole-long grain rice, cheese, skim milk, wheat bread or anything else that is not processed. Cut out the soda..even diet. No white bread. It's OK to have a cheat day once a week or so..but don't go over board and eat a whole cake! lol

Also...go here: - United States Department of Agriculture - Home

You should also get some fish oil pills.

dude like its bad to say that everyone in this group is ignorant then go and give this kid a detailed and specific workout and meal plan without knowing his stats in detail or even meeting him before....what works for you or some people may or may not work for's not a great idea to follow a workout plan that you just rip from the internet to lose weight or build muscle....everything you put in there is excellent stuff and very detailed and you actually know what you're talking about....but if this guy is serious about losing weight he should consult someone in person like a dietician or personal trainer so that he can get the best results....not saying you're wrong but don't insult the guys that spend their time and effort to help someone...thats mad disrespectful i could name drop and cite the glycemic index and explain protein synthesis too but i'm not a **** and dont like to insult other people's intelligence....jeeeze
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