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Originally Posted by adminmma
So far everything seems ok. Personally, I see no reason to delete a person from a memberlist if they have 0 posts, or to delete their accounts because they’ve become inactive.
I’ve been a member of many sites where I’ve forgotten my sign in name and i check the memberlist to see what it was.

Its hard to get all members to be active, many lurk and read, especially if they’re not really familiar with the subject, we shouldn’t punish them. They’ve signed up, there’s a chance they may start posting.

Witchy, to unsubscribe to the site / forum posts go into your user cp, go to List Subscriptions and remove the ones you no longer want to be updated on.
Well duh, lol... I knew that part. However that just stops the emails you get and stuff showing up in the user control panel. I meant that there's no way (that I could find at least) to actually 'delete' your account. That's probably why there's so many users who haven't come back since sign-up... they just couldn't delete themselves so their names are still on the list.
Either way it doesn't bother me. I don't care who posts or how many times they do, or in this case don't.

Póg mo thóin.
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