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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Wrong answer. This is the UFC, and if you watch the UFC you root for the fighter with the personality you can relate to the most shown through very brief snippets of the media. Forget actually supporting the fighters that go out there and put on ridiculously exciting fights, this is a personality contest.
I know you are being sarcastic, but you just painted a very accurate picture of the show. That's so true. Personalities (fragments we can see, correct) will indeed play a major role on who to root for. Being a fight show, it's a true paradox when you don't root for the one who brings better shows in the cage, but the example I can think to explain this phenomenon is this: Even admiring the skills of the senior wrestler of your school you will easily root against him, even if he is defending the colors of your school, if he happens to bully you or one of your friends or is hitting on your girl. It doesn't need to go that far, but basically, if you have your reasons to dislike someone, you root against him.
Now if even displeased by the result you can't aknowledge and appreciate the skills and superiority of the winner, that's hate.
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