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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
How is maynard a bad guy? Dude is one of the most humble guys in the LW div.

Other than that I somewhat agree. Bendo seems to lack the Charisma and the flair in his fighting style to make a top draw. Then again, the same can be saud for any top LW not named BJ penn. You really think Edgar, Maynard or Melendez would be top draws? Maybe eddie alvarez would, but he's unlikely to vecome champ.
Maynard used to be humble, but then he said stuff got old. + did you not see the guida fight? when he was chasing/taunting/flipping off guida? all signs of a bad guy/heel.

With Frankie you could tell the ufc wanted him to be champ, the ufc was already giving him a big push, did a couple of ufc/fox commercials, was the champ and had a legendary trilogy with maynard. so yea he was getting a big push and was on the verge of becoming a draw/face + he had the whole "rocky" thing.

Originally Posted by ptw View Post
Same could be said about GSP. I think Benson will continue to grow on people the more he defends his belt. If you ask me, Benson is more likely to be a finisher than most other LW's, the guy is built to kick ass, and probably has the coolest tattoo in all of MMA.
to be honest i think that the tattoo is more for a chick than a dude.

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