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Originally Posted by the bad guy 13 View Post
Maynard used to be humble, but then he said stuff got old. + did you not see the guida fight? when he was chasing/taunting/flipping off guida? all signs of a bad guy/heel.

With Frankie you could tell the ufc wanted him to be champ, the ufc was already giving him a big push, did a couple of ufc/fox commercials, was the champ and had a legendary trilogy with maynard. so yea he was getting a big push and was on the verge of becoming a draw/face + he had the whole "rocky" thing.
Yeah but despite the UFCs best efforts, Frankie was a terrible PPV draw. His fights with Bendo for example did 360K and 190K buys, some of the worst numbers for a title fight in an established division in UFC history. The so called legendary Edgar/Maynard 3 card only did 225K.

Rocky or not, he was still basically a boring pitter patter point fighter.

Maynard had one heelish fight, and that was against a guy who's turned into a real bore himself lately. I don't think he did it for the marketing, just in the moment. I doubt he's suddenly turned into a draw from just that.
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