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Originally Posted by the bad guy 13 View Post
maybe he did do it for marketing reasons, he found out thats how all the ufc heels have been getting "undeserving" title shots like diaz/sonnen/koscheck. he knows he has to stop being polite and start talking shit and have a bad boy personality it will sell + his nickname is the "bully" classic heel. also i think there was a interview where he says something along these lines " i tried to be humble, but thats shit gets old quick" pretty much confirming his heel turn.
Haven't seen that interview but if that's the case you may be right.

It's lame though you don't need to be a douche to be a draw, GSP/Cain/JDS prove that. You just have to be an exceptional and dominant fighter instead of the cookie cutter types in the LW div, who could all beat each other depending on the day of the week.

People think Sonnen and Diaz got popular for being douches, but in reality it was because Sonnen was the only guy in existence to pound Anderson freakin Silva for 4 rounds. Diaz got it for battering a legend in BJ Penn. If they got their asses kicked, no one would give a damn what they talked. Hence the low interest in Jones / Sonnen.
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