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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
I dont know how you can remain such a huge fan after your favorite fighter gets exposed for roiding. I understand you like him and all.. Hell, i still like reem, but i for sure lost alot of respect for him
Wandy is my favorite fighter. And it was always kind of obvious he was on something. I never held some sort of strange delusion that Overeem was clean. When he was caught the only surprise for me was that he hadn't been caught sooner. Overeem served his time and he is back. Why should I fault him more than Sonnen or anyone else who made a mistake? I'm not gonna stop being interested in seeing someone fight because they have been caught breaking a rule in a sport. Overeem is entertaining, and very skilled, that is what matters to me.

If one day the UFC introduces some sort of drug testing that ensures everyone is clean then I might start caring. I learned a long time ago that if you worry about ever new drug or supplement athletes are losing you will become disillusioned quickly.

Originally Posted by MikeHawk View Post
I like how that highlight had zero quality MMA fighters in it. The only note worthy part of it was his KO over Hari.

Overeem is going to get destroyed.
Still shows how devastating his striking is, but I agree, not much from the mma side of things aside from Brock.

Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
Haha. Can't think of a better word for this than noob. Fool to be polite.

You do not 'take a lot a shots and not fall down' for 25 minutes when in the cage with Cain Velasquez, if you are not endurance prepared.

Stylistically Reem is a bad fight for Cain, Cain needs to do to him what he did to JDS, and hope he loses confidence similarly. Otherwise, it's a (T)KO loss.
I agree, Overeem really needs to come up with ana amazing game plan to avoid falling into the same trap JDS did. I could easily see the same thing happening to him if he doesn't establish control over Cain immediately.

Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
Can i be the engineer of the train?

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Yes sir, yes you can.

Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
you can be the asian stewardess, i'll be the captain heh
The Asian stewardess only serves the trains owner.

Originally Posted by BrianRClover View Post
I cannot wait to see The Reem steam roll Cain!! Call me co captain of this train if you need one Ape City!
Full speed ahead captain!

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
Cormier shit his pants when Overeem stood next to him in the cage on Saturday night.
I'm so not on the Cormier bandwagon. Dude is getting the W's but I don't think he can hang with jds, cain or overeem. I thin he will take out the lower top 10 of UFC with ease, though.

Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post

mad props: Toxic
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