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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
I don't either, but he's damn sure earned the right to say whatever the hell he wants on that mic when he wins

And he makes up for it (in my book) by being a very interesting fighter.

If you entertain me for 25 minutes I think I'll live through you saying "'Sup Jesus" for 5/10 seconds.

It's weird, people always find reasons to hate on Bendo - either it's his religion or that decision that went his way (Which was something completely out of his control)

And now that he dominated his last challenger, all of a sudden he's "not very marketable" how does that make any sense?

IMO the religion part is not that big of a deal, i was jus agreeing with the other poster. dont be so sensitive about it dude.

Originally Posted by OrionTC View Post
the religion thing does my head in but bendo is a great champ, how can you say his fights are boring? like seriously? lol. bendo always tries to finish, takes more risks than most would when you look at GSP/edgar etc
i didnt say his fights were boring i just said his fighting style of cage humping is ugly to see, especially for the casuals.

Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
Imo, It is way too early to suggest that Ben Hendo "isn't marketable". Keep in mind, he's only been in the UFC for 1 and a half years, and only has two title defences. The key factor that has been the reason why he hasn't blown up yet, is the fact that has no finishes in the UFC.

Honestly, I think attitude has very little to do with how marketable you are as a fighter. Take Cain Velasquez for example. I see Bens attitude and approach to fighting as being similar to Cain. He trains very hard and generally doesn't have too many bad things to say about his opponent. But whats seperates them is the fact Cain in the past has ran through people in the first and second rounds, while Ben hasn't had that type of success in the UFC.

Givin the time, and the right string of wins, I think anyone can be marketable.
cain is marketable, hes the 1st heavyweight mexican champion in ufc history and they can always bill him as the man that toppled the big bad dude Brock Lesnar + hes hispanic which is a market that the ufc is definitely pushing for. Benson on the other hand is generic, he doesnt have a personality or gimmick, his boring on the mic, and he doesnt finish fights. also his fighting style of grinding against the cage doesnt help. Hes not a ppv draw thus making him unmarketable.

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