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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
I want Ristie to come to MMA, he's Spong's best student and Tyrone is set to make waves in the cage. Ristie with TDD would be the scariest thing the LW division could ever imagine.

I think Maynard will dethrone Benson.

Budhi made a really good point earlier about he deserves his couple of minutes to say what he wants to say, it's true.

I just turn off the sound.

@Liddelianenko I don't like non religious folks pushing their beliefs just as much as I don't like relgious folks pushing their beliefs aswell. I have my beliefs (or lack thereof, really), others can have theirs. I'd prefer it if was kept personal but that's just me.

Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
I dont see why I cant take the piss out of Bendo because of his Jesus nuthugging. I've got no problem with religion. I do have a problem with stupidity.

This thread is questioning Bendos marketability. I think his Jesus thing is a big part of why he is unpopular. At the end of the Diaz fight when he belched out "Through Christ all things are possible... can I get an amen?!"... Did he get an Amen? F*uck no. He got tumble weeds.

I'm gonna stick me neck out here and say, the majority of the UFC fan demographic are not the types for this kind of silliness. That's why he'll never be popular.

For the record... I'm a believer. Not in organized religion, but still, I believe in a grander plan. I believe everything is by design. So, Im not one of these atheist types who want to rag on a guy because they believe in something supposedly imaginary. Even considering this, I fecking dislike Ben Henderson a great deal.
You guys are obviously not the type I meant. You have your own beliefs and respect others right to have theirs, no problem with that. You guys are far from the usual militant religion/theism bashing type that flocks to these types of threads though.

FTR I think guys like Benson and Vitor are a bit dogmatic and over the top too, but IMO for the most part marketability has nothing to do with like-ability. People will pay good money to watch a guy they love, hate, or think is a complete looney, as long as he can beat the crap out of everyone he faces ... case in point Jones.
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