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Originally Posted by PeXis View Post
It's kinda funny that we non believers keep our mouths shut about this stuff and when we react to people who don't, we are suddenly the ones who started it all.
Of course you keep your mouths shut. You guys don't have anything to talk about, seeing as you don't believe any of this shit. Who's going to win a fight and then tell everybody they are thankful everyday that they don't believe in god. It makes no sense. You cant brag about something you don't believe in... although it doesn't stop some people.

You know what's funny? The atheist community. They buy books about it. Go to conferences. Watch endless Richard Dawkins youtube clips. All this effort wasted on something none of them believe in. I cant think of any other community where the main attraction is the belief that something *doesn't* exist. What a total waste of time and money.
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