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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
You cant brag about something you don't believe in... although it doesn't stop some people.
Well I'm quite proud to live a life without superstition and I definitely can brag about it.

You know what's funny? The atheist community. They buy books about it.
I'd say most of the people buying those books are the ones who are religious but have their doubts or just want to hear the counter arguments.

Go to conferences.
Yes, to connect with like minded people.
Usually in countries where non believers are a minority.

Watch endless Richard Dawkins youtube clips.
All this effort wasted on something none of them believe in.
Have you ever watched any Dawkins videos?
They're usually about many things like culture, biology, different religions.

All this effort wasted on something none of them believe in.
None of them believe in.. You don't seem to understand.
We believe in many things like reason and science for example.

I cant think of any other community where the main attraction is the belief that something *doesn't* exist.
The community isn't about that. It's about connecting with like minded people and fighting discrimination for example.
There aren't really any atheist communities in my country, since we aren't a minority.

What a total waste of time and money.
At least we're not funding pedophiles, population growth and spread of AIDS in starving countries, ridicule of science, anti-gay movement etc.
In fact we're funding the prevention of that.
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