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Technique was getting to half guard from them framing off you, flattening out their half guard, switching hips- but instead of popping up to switch, he sprawled his one leg back then tucked it under his butt. Work the leg out and kick back from there. Drilled it, positonal sparred, then rolled a few rounds. Rolled 2 blues, one tapped me once (armbar) the other was positional back and forth. A green (an adult green that definitely wasn't a white belt...weird.) positional back and forth but I got the better of him, and two purples that both tapped me once (arm bar, collar choke) and I spent the rest of the round surviving, escaping, trying to pass and hold something down. Good class. I'd been feeling really claustrophobic for the past year+ when exhausted in bad positions, but today I didn't really get that way...which is very nice.
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