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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Rule of thumb, sport. Never quote Wikipedia as your primary source.
So he failed to notify the commission of his TRT treatment and you think that's a sight overlook (am I right?). How do you forget to tell the commission you are on treatment of a possible sports enhancer and come in to fight with level 13 times whats allowed (and 17 times the average man)?

And pretty much everyone who is in the fighting game that's on TRT gets diagnosed with the same thing. To me it's no different from being allowed to carry weed card, all you need is the right doctor.

That being said I am perfectly fine MMA fighters using TRT, as long as it isn't abused (17 times is abusing), I can care less what diagnosis is given because lets be honest here with money you can buy any diagnosis if you find the right doctor.

One final question: If he was perfectly innocent (mixed up paperwork) and there were no legal restrictions on use (already cleared up in my last post) why would he go so far as possibly perjure himself when asked about it? From your own link -

"The suspension, issued April 19, came after the commission's legal counsel believed Sonnen may have perjured himself during testimony at an appeal hearing in December related to his ban for elevated levels of testosterone following a UFC middleweight championship fight against Anderson Silva on Aug. 7."
"Unlike Sonnen's seven previous fights since the treatment began, he tested positive for an abnormally high testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio of 16.9 after the Silva bout. California's allowed limit is 4.0."
But that's ok and a couple of secs shorts grabbing is not? Not looking to get into a debate just for debates sake but I'm not sure how you focus on one thing but shrug off the other.

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