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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
I think his religious views have got everything to do with his lack of popularity. Ok, drifting into an atheist debate doesn't help, but we should be allowed to express our dislike of his religious ranting after fights.
It's the same as being allowed to express your dislike for a fighter being Muslim and kneeling toward Islam to pray in a given moment, or for being black, or Mexican, or for thanking his dead father who is coaching him from heaven. Todd Keuneke called a Muslin fighter a terrorist once. His right to express his feelings? Our rights ends up where others rights begin. When you freely express yourself like that against someone's core belief, you are being rude not to the fighter, but to fellow posters who may share this beliefs in God in the first place. Religion is as serious matter as speaking of someone heritage, country or somebody's mother. It's a no go zone if we are to coexist respectfully and since that has zero relevance in MMA we should drop it, as already officially requested by the mods.


I actually think those wings are cool.
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