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Originally Posted by duckyou666 View Post
Kinda hard for Bisping to call out Silva when he's unconscious because Vitor blitzkreiged his ass. Even if he could hit and run his way to a disputable decision victory, there is no ******* way Bisping calls out Silva. When Sonnen talked shit, he had the Wrestling to trouble Silva. Bisping doesn't. There is no ******* way that Bisping, who has good stand up and focuses on it, despite having the power of a 12 year old quadriplegic with down syndrome and muscular dystrophy, would risk angering Silva in any way, ever. Unless he's been training with the Olympic Wrestling team out of wherever the **** he's from in secret for the last 15 ******* years, he has nothing to threaten Silva with. Nothing to worry Silva in the slightest. As cocky as the ***gy Brit is, he's smart enough to know that all he has to offer Silva is another Silva KO highlight. That pillow fisted can crusher isn't dumb enough to even attempt anything that might piss off Silva.
Awww does it really anger you that much that Bisping could kill you with his little finger? Poor 'man', must be hard being that insecure knowing a coky ol' Brit with the 'power of a 12 year old quadriplegic with down syndrome and muscular dystrophy' is more successful than you will ever, ever be

Unless you're in love with him? Are you? Are you in love with him and trying proven school yard techniques to show him this unrequited love? If you meet him give him a dead leg, he'll tongue you there and then

On topic, however, yeah I think Bisping will call out Silva if he wins. I truly believe Bisping isn't scared of Silva, and will give him a fight... He'll get KO'd, lol, but it would be entertaining, it's sell a LOT, and I don't think Bisping would be scared so would give him a decent fight (for however long it lasted). Chael wasn't scared and that was entertaining. I'm pretty sure Okami was, and that turned out, meh.

Originally Posted by Sonnen
30 min to cement your legacy. Champ or Coward? I make a lot more than you do... Show up in 8 days I'll give you my purse.

Originally Posted by Bisping
Jones said he's not fighting chael on 8 days notice. I did. .... Just sayin
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